Terms and Conditions

Rates Include

Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (CDW)
Liability insurance (PLI)
Theft Protection (TP)
Free Mileage

Rental Requirements

America Car Rental to offer the service is indispensable the following documentation:
– Minimum age of 21 years old, No maximum age limit.
– If payment is made by credit card, it must be personalized with the full name of the cardholder.
– Valid identification (ID in the case of national clients and passport with photograph in foreign clients).
– Valid driver’s license (National or International) ORIGINAL with photo and full name of the person, NO MATTER THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN. Digital driver’s licenses are NOT accepted.
America Car Rental reserves the right to decline a reservation if the client does not have the complete rental requirements or finds any inconsistency in the documentation.

Sunpass and Fines

In case of accident or road assistance and this generates fines or towing for parking in improper places will be solely and exclusively by the customer, it is NOT covered by any coverage.
The sunpass or tolls are included in your rental only for Florida, if you want to go out there is an additional cost that can be prepaid with us or will be deducted from your security deposit.
Fuel is NOT included in the total cost of the rental.
The customer with the same level of gasoline that receives the rented vehicle must be delivered to the return, the same level that has been stipulated in the rental contract. There are no refunds for excess gasoline.
If there is any shortage of gasoline, it will be charged as follows:
10 USD for each missing gallon.

Return of the vehicle

America Car Rental offers a 30 minutes tolerance period, after this time the following conditions apply:
For each additional hour, it will have a cost of 15 USD depending on the rented vehicle up to a maximum of 2 hours, after 2 hours of delay, the full day will be charged.

Reservation Policies

America Car Rental will attend all reservations received, as long as the client has all the rental requirements, if not, we reserve the right to decline a reservation.
America Car Rental offers a variety of vehicles, and it is important to clarify that the images of the vehicles published are only illustrative so we will offer the category requested, but not the vehicle of the illustrative image published.
It is important to mention that America Car Rental will have a waiting time of two hours from the pick up time of your reservation, that is why it is important that the customer send us your flight information, and if your flight is delayed the customer must call or send us an email to notify any change in your pick up time. After two hours of delay, the reservation will be considered a No Show and we may or may not honor your reservation, depending on the availability of vehicles.

Geographical Restrictions

America Car Rental will allow you to go outside of Miami as long as you pay the corresponding additional fee not included in the rental.

Cancellation of a Reservation

* If the client made a reservation through a third party (Websites, Travel Agencies) he/she must request a refund directly from them and will be governed according to the terms and conditions of whoever provided the reservation.
* If the client made his reservation through America Car Rental he must request his refund to the following email reservations@americacarrentalmiami.com and/or phone +1(305)5261016, which will be under the following terms and conditions:
Reservations cancelled more than 72 hours prior to pick up will be without penalty.
Reservations cancelled within 72 hours prior to pick up time, will have a penalty of 10% of the total amount.
Reservations cancelled within 48 hours prior to pick up time will NOT be refundable.
If the client does not meet the rental requirements at the rental desk, no refund will be applied.
It is important to clarify that in case of a refund, (America Car Rental is not responsible for the amount of the commission to which the client is credited by the banking institution.

Security Deposit

America Car Rental will request a security deposit that can be in cash or a hold on your credit card, the amount of the hold will depend on the category of the vehicle and can be from 400 USD to 1500 USD.
Deposits are accepted for the guarantee in cash and/or credit cards, and for the payment of the rent, only and exclusively credit cards are accepted and must comply with the following requirements.
* Must be personalized.
* We DO NOT ACCEPT credit cards issued by department and digital stores or digital platforms.
America Car Rental offers additional services such as; baby seat, gps.
If an additional service is damaged or stolen, you will have to pay replacement costs.